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Spring Inspirations with Hartford's Kitchen Team


Asparagus, Camembert, Artichoke, Carmalised Pear Salad with Candied Almonds and Caesar Dressing
(Jackie Cameron)

Spring Recipes

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Warm spring mornings and longer evenings herald the on coming summer. The season’s fragrances and flavour combinations excite my palate so I put out a challenge to the kitchen team to create trouble-free dishes that, in their opinions, depict spring.

Nina, comes up with a scrumptious, crunchy, smooth-textured asparagus salad. Every bite tastes like more and leads me on a journey of exploration involving fresh spring flavours. A must to impress.

Tania, can’t resist the seasonal fresh fruit and berries and comes up with an interesting take on a dessert: Fruit jelly with sparkling wine served in a Martini glass. This looks enticing and tastes delicious.

Zandile and Deli decide on a haddock dish. It’s light, delicate and has a distinguishable flavour, perfect for an early start to the day.

After much haggling and reminding Natasha and Nicolette, trainees from Bloemfontein, that they are studying to be chefs, not bar ladies, they get the better of me, so their alcoholic “Cheetah Sunrise” brings the Free State to KwaZulu-Natal!

As I sit here on a warm spring afternoon, I hunger for Hartford’s tasty, chilled cucumber soup with basil pesto and a butter-poached prawn. It has a hint of fresh mint, which highlights the cucumber flavours. This soup can be served as a light lunch option or as a starter for a spring or summer dinner menu.

By chance, Hartford’s kitchen evolved into being an all-female domain. We believe a kitchen is as much about cooking as it is about the harmonising of personalities, lifestyles and cultures. Challenges are welcomed and, as we say, “A happy chef is a happy guest!” We hope you are having as much fun in your kitchen as we are having in ours.

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Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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