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Chocolate Truffle Cake / Jackie Cameron (p)

Chocolate Truffle Cake / Jackie Cameron (p)

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Traditional wedding cakes are so last year. Today’s bride can choose from tempting and interesting selections such as cup cakes, brownies, ice cream cakes, chocolate truffles and cheese cakes.  It’s the cake that counts – more so than the chic wedding gown or the elaborate table setting – and height is everything. Bakers are adding polystyrene dummies to create a few extra tiers of stature.  These “new-age” cakes are often served as the dessert course, which of course makes them an attractive and creative cost cutter.

For chocoholics the Chocolate Mousse Cake was created with you in mind.  It’s a cake for any occasion when quality is what counts.  A dense chocolate-sponge base is filled with a decadent, white-chocolate mousse and covered with melting Belgian-chocolate ganache. Could anything be more indulgent?

Carrot Cake has a sense of grandness and importance so it’s often served at special celebrations.  This recipe will provide a moist cake that is full of spices, nuts, raisins and grated carrots.  The cream cheese icing adds the tartness and creaminess for which carrot cake is renowned. 

Cupcakes need not be boring.  They provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your creativity.  A soft and syrupy coffee cake offers a surprise of textures with roasted hazelnuts adding the crunch.  Top this with marzipan and plastic icing and by marrying the old and the new you have a hint of the past!

One of my old-time favourites is an Orange Citrus Cake.  It’s perfectly balanced, tasty, and needs only a light sprinkling of icing sugar.  This cake invites formality when covered with thick, orange-infused butter icing, and a white-chocolate band surround.

Other exciting and interesting options are Chocolate Truffle Cakes and Cheesecakes.  Before I knew better I painted a cake tin with white chocolate, layer-by-layer, to form a surrounding area that would carry 1 000 truffles.  It would have been a lot easier to have covered this tin, well the sides, in plastic icing and only painting one chocolate layer.  How we learn from experience!

My favourite is cheesecake.Whole heads of cheeselayered to form tiers, and finished with fresh fruit, nuts, preserves and caramelised sugar.  Mouth-watering!

All these cakes are tempting and tantalising but I’m an old-fashioned kinda gal so a traditional fruit cake will feature on my special day.  

Take these recipes and try them.

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Head Chef
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