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Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

It’s many years since I indulged in “fairy sausages” and ”sandwich fingers” but I remember the joy of eating them. “Happiness” treats can be healthy and I have created a few recipes which offer a refreshing variation to tried and tested themes. Drawing on the past to inspire the present, I have relied on the flavour combinations I continue to hanker after. A little creative thinking can turn a meal into an experience – and of course a clever name makes a difference too!

Mini Sausage Rolls are appropriate for most occasions. The crispy outer crust of puff pastry filled with a freshly chopped garlic, oregano and juicy sausage mixture is a tantalising savoury option.

Keep it simple by presenting uncomplicated food in unusual ways. Serve effortless, Hand-Cut Fried Chips in a newspaper cone. Add homemade tomato sauce and a sprinkling of flavoured salts. Simply scrumptious!

Mini Burgers are always a hit. I use this recipe for the mince balls which feature on Hartford’s breakfast menu. A thick, moist, medium-rare burger patty between a crispy, buttered, sesame-topped bun roll is mouth-watering.

Take the bun recipe as per the above and roll the dough out thinly, after proving. Top this with homemade tomato sauce, grated cheese and fresh thyme. In an instant you have the ever-popular Mini Pizza. Get the kids to make their own.

Boudoir Racing Cars, Smartie-Crammed Clown Men, Jelly-Filled Orange Skins, Mini Cup Cakes and Fresh Fruit Kebabs are non-negotiables for your child’s finger lunch!. Fun to make and even better to eat…

Food should always be stimulating, entertaining and refreshing. This applies to a two-year old’s birthday party or dinner in a fine-dining restaurant. With these recipes I endeavour to inspire you to make every occasion special, no matter what the age of the guest.

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Mini Sausage Rolls
Hand-cut fried chips
Mini Burgers and Pizzas
Kiddies Birthday Desserts

Post your comments and food-related questions below or email me at jackie@hartford.co.za. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie Cameron 
Head Chef 
Hartford House
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