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Peanut Butter Semi Freddo

Peanut Butter Semi Freddo
(Photo : Jackie Cameron)

"Bountiful bubbles, marvellous memories, love and laughter"

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

New Year celebrations mean bountiful bubbles, marvellous memories, love and laughter.

This calls for desserts - decadent and indulgent! You can worry about your resolutions tomorrow...

Tiramisu (Italian dessert made with sponge biscuits soaked in coffee and liquor, and topped with mascarpone or a soft cheese, and garnished with grated chocolate) cups are always a hit for their sweet and savoury combinations. They can be pulled out of the fridge at the last minute and win the day as a perfect "pick me up" - living up to the translation of the name.

White-chocolate-and-herb frozen mousse with vibrantly-coloured, edible garden flowers served with a tart, berry sorbet is creamy and fresh. Every bite releases the aromas of an herb garden after a thunderstorm. Expect an explosion of flavour!

For an entertaining suggestion try peanut-butter (only the crunchy variety must be used) semi-freddo dessert. Serve with loads of your favourite hand-broken chocolate bits and candied banana slices. This can be taken to another level by adding a large ball of maple syrup ice cream. Do it - it will make your day!

Another option is three sorbets of your choice. This is created by sectioning your container into three. Once the sorbet is set, scoop out and roll balls incorporating all three flavours. Summer fruit sorbets are my favourite. Serve these balls of sorbet in good quality glasses and top with bubbles, fresh mint and lavender. My kind of dessert!

A homemade Dom Pedro makes a delicious dessert. To vanilla-bean ice cream add a tot or two of Kahlua and a drop of cream or milk and you have the adult equivalent of ice cream and chocolate sauce!

Here's to great celebrations and exciting times! May 2012 be a year to remember.

Take these recipes and try them.

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