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Meringue Black Forest Cake

Meringue Black Forest Cake
(Photo : Jackie Cameron)


Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Some three years ago my first article appeared in The Witness. Since then emails have flooded in requesting specific recipes; most readers appearing to enjoy baking - decadence and sweetness being key. These recipes are time consuming and test one's skills yet the result is deliciously rewarding.

A Bar One cake is more than a chocolate cake. It oozes "Bar One" in every mouthful and exudes decadence as well as deliciously over-the-top richness which promise to meet the most avid chocoholic's craving.

A sweet and textured almond-butter meringue Black Forest cake is another favourite. It comprises chocolate, Kirsch and coffee. I have little doubt there are as many Black Forest cake recipes as there are tree varieties in the Black Forest in Germany.

I've noticed many men pass on a slice of sponge cake, but show me a man who can resist cheesecake! This probably has something to do with the marriage of its sweet and savoury flavours and the unmistakable tartness. Topped with a chunky berry coulis this makes an enticing afternoon treat.

We should all have a container of 30-day muffins in our fridges. They make a quick and wholesome breakfast solution and guarantee to please all family members. The ratio of candied peel to raisin to bran will make a difference to the flavour and ensures muffin mania! Serve with lots of homemade butter and marmalade.

When I was asked to make a 'Jackie-fied' Tiramisu cake for a birthday celebration at Hartford House I couldn't resist going completely overboard. Coffee, hazelnuts, Belgian dark-chocolate mousse, crispy ladyfinger biscuits and spoons of creamy mascarpone combined to make this a real wow! Be sure to remove the cake from the freezer a while before cutting to guarantee easy slicing and eating. Garnish with coffee dipped biscuits and top with a coffee-chocolate ganache.

A Sachertorte is a well-loved Austrian chocolate cake. It comprises melted chocolate as opposed to cocoa powder and requires well whisked egg whites. The sponge layers are sandwiched with whipped cream and lots of apricot jam. A chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze make this another deliciously decadent delight.

Keep the emails coming. Your enthusiasm inspires me!

Take these recipes and try them.

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