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Beef Burger

Beef Burger
(Photo : Jackie Cameron)

"There's only one way to make a Burger..."

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

There is only one way to make a burger - and that's properly.

Gone are the days of eating for the sake of eating. I prepare every meal at home with the same energy and enthusiasm as I have in the Hartford House kitchen. A lifestyle of fine eating comes naturally to me and means ingredients that are fresh, in-season, healthy and cooked with lots of love to enhance and develop their natural goodness. In my book; caviar, crayfish and foie gras don't fit this description completely but rather fall into the extremely-expensive, save-for-festivity-dinning category.

I have early memories of my mom making delicious, chunky onion and tomato relish. This we would spoon on top of thick butcher-made patties and place within a freshly-baked bread roll. Filled to the brim, the result was a truly finger-licking process. Yummy!

So when making a burger the textures, richness, juiciness and freshness require careful consideration and all ingredients need to be cooked specifically to highlight the fineness of the burger.

Today chicken burgers are my burger of choice. Flavours must be authentic so a chicken burger needs a flame-grilled chicken breast rather than a patty. Served with lots of crispy lettuce, creamy homemade aioli (garlic mayonnaise), gherkin slices and chunky barbeque relish; this mixture of spicy creaminess produces a delicious, juicy burger.

A beef burger must be completely savoury. Seared in beurre noisette (butter heated until slightly brown in colour and releasing nutty aromas) - with mounds of caramelised onions, Dijon-enhanced mayonnaise, fresh rocket, crispy bacon and sliced avocado all nestled within a homemade crusty cheese bun - it's a taste explosion.

For a burger with a difference try lamb mince - with loads of mint and chive to break down the richness. The light texture is enhanced with oven-seared cherry tomatoes and tatziki (Greek condiment consisting of yoghurt and grated cucumber). Served with triple-baked crisp potato slices this dish is simply marvellous.

Nothing beats good home-cooked food.

Take my combinations, and mishmash favours to create your own 'designer' burger.

Beef Burger Bun


I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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