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Recipes that 'Take the Cake'

This has been a jam-packed year for the Hartford House kitchen team; and as we discuss recipes for this month’s article we reminisce over what we have achieved and managed to tick off our list.
— Jackie Cameron
Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

We have decided to share a banquet of recipes that generated the most responses over the year. Our readers continue to overwhelm me and I thank you greatly for your continued support and encouragement. All your comments are greatly appreciated; and I have learnt so much from the questions you have asked - so thank you for indirectly feeding me, or pushing me, to explore more deeply into specific culinary topics.

Recipes that take the cake...

I have recently returned from a trip to Thailand (watch this space for the article and tantalising recipes) and the night before we travelled home we went to the Bangkok Chinese market. What a delicious feast! I thought it appropriate to highlight my Trout Spring Roll recipe for you to try during the festive season. It's different, quick and easy.

Little bite-size, sweet or Savoury Macaroons have become extremely popular. I have chosen a recipe for the orange-flavoured variety which is still my favourite. Try them - I'm confident you'll agree.

The number of comments I receive for baked items always delights me and this Quinoa Bread recipe, with an unusual twist, screams healthy and promises to delight. The oozing-chocolate tart was highlighted in an article showcasing my cookbook: Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home in which I mentioned that I was considering featuring this recipe in my next book. And yes, we have started talking about a follow-up cookbook but definitely no time soon. Please look out for the paperback copies of Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home that will be on the shelves in February 2014. This is another exciting development - and leaves me with the task of selling more books! And now to announce more exciting news... my book has just been awarded 'Best Woman Chef Book in South Africa' by Gourmand the world cookbook awards. My gratitude goes out to the team that helped with the book - the team that makes me look good.

And speaking of teams... the Almond and Peach Tart recipe was developed for Olivia Schaffer, one of the most special people in my life. She has directed and mentored me in all my written work, making sense of my non-journalistic words and phrases. I often wish I had more hours in my days so I could sip copious cups of tea with family and friends over one-too-many slices of this tart.

With festive-season celebrations in the air, it probably makes sense to round off the year with the best hangover cure: Croque Monsieur. Enjoy every oozing, cheesey mouthful.

Please take these recipes and try them :


Trout Spring Roll and Sweet Chilli Sauce
Orange Macaroons
Quinoa Bread
Chocolate Nemesis Tart
Peach and Almond Pie

Every year I tell the team not to worry; 'next year will be calmer', I say. It never is! However, who wants calm? Make every hour of your days count...

Here is to a fantastically productive 2014 with many exciting projects. Happy cooking, eating and celebrating.

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Head Chef
Hartford House
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