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Food for the Soul

vegetable plait bread

Vegetable Plait Bread
(Photo : Jackie Cameron)

jackie cameron

Each day should include a helping of universally-loved, fresh, crunchy bread. Memories of my childhood come rushing to me as if it were yesterday. A recipe called: Jacqueline’s white bread, 1985, was one of my first attempts at helping out and that was at a mere three years old. Special memories. These recollections inspired the baking of the following five breads.

The health bread is a must-try. The perfectly moist, textured centre is flavoured with a seed selection, pecan nuts and sweet raisins. Delicious.

Plait breads never fail to impress. The added colour and flavour of spinach, tomato and onion make this a combination that all will enjoy.

A simple bread roll is always welcomed. I often enjoy a good-quality ham, fresh basil pesto, cheddar cheese, sliced tomato and homemade mayonnaise bread-roll between working shifts.

Dietary requirements are trendy so this gluten-free bread recipe should always be available, for unexpected guests. This bread is best served piping hot as starch hardens with cooling. It freezes well and takes longer to go stale. Over mixing should be prevented and the dough must be cooked immediately to ensure a light structure.

The saying: I haven’t eaten something that good since sliced bread, must have come about with the making of this bread. The old-style crusty mass, when sliced and eaten with butter, is an ideal meal in itself.

Interestingly, when I worked in a French bakery, in France, I learnt the markings on a loaf represented the baker’s signature. I later found out these scores originated during the middle ages as a means to identify each French peasants bread. This was because baking took place in communal ovens, owned by the lords of the land. So take these recipes and make your mark on them.


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