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Jackie Cameron - Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef May 2012 / Col'Cacchio Pizzaria (p)

Jackie Cameron - Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef May 2012 / Col'Cacchio Pizzaria (p)

Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef Series

Hartford House head chef, Jackie Cameron's signature pizza, Carpe Funghi, is taking the Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef  Series 2012 by storm.

Latest figures for chef Cameron's pizza creation which contains mozzarella, caramelised onion, oven-roasted mushrooms, roasted gadic and Italian Parmesan, topped with thinly sliced beef Carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise and fresh dill, show record sales at Col'Cacchio pizzerias through South Africa. In fact, the figure is now double the previous highest selling Celebrity Chef Series pizza.

With R5 from every Carpe Funghi pizza sold going to the Children's Hospital Trust, the 10,377 pizzas sold to date have generated a staggering R50,000 in income for the Trust.




Jackie Cameron reveals her Carpe Funghi Signature Pizza / Durban News (p)

Jackie Cameron reveals her Carpe Funghi Signature Pizza / Durban News (p)

Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef Series
The Mercury - Food and Wine

Jackie Cameron, pictured  above, head chef at Hartford House in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, has  designed a signature pizza as part of the Col'Cacchio Celebrity Chef  Series 2012. It's on the menu at Col'Cacchio until the end of May and  proceeds go to the Children's Hospital Trust.

Biggest achievement:

Well, this is difficult, as I have so many different foodie fields that make up my complete obsession for all things food. I would probably say being the head chef at Hartford at the age of 20, as this has allowed me to grow and strive for everything else that I have accomplished over the past nine years.

Biggest mistake:

Many years back I judged, after making this chocolate mousse cake, the recipe  for which I still use today, incorrectly what was and wasn't humanly  possible and let us just say the wedding cake was a complete disaster...  literally a flop! This still haunts me and since then I have become  even more pedantic on the finer details than ever before.


Ever garnish with curly parsley, or garnish the side rims of your  plates with chopped, mixed herbs or some sort of masala. A no no!


Be on time, be honest, be true to what you are cooking.

I love cooking with:

This depends on my mood... loads of fresh herbs,  tomatoes and cheese. And give me fresh fish over anything, any day!

Best advice:

Never trust a skinny chef... jokes, keep things simple, always highlighting the main ingredient. Never overcomplicate.

Favourite restaurants:

I have so many for different reasons. Locally  probably Le Quatier Francais as I am amazed by Margot and her team. They  strive for perfection in every sense. Internationally, I was blown away  by El Bulli and their unbelievable, detailed service - they researched  every guest who entered their restaurant - mind blowing! Obviously  together with Ferran Adria's amazing food combinations.

Favourite tipple:

Bubbles through and through! Love the texture on my  tongue and the flavour in my mouth.

My favourite comfort food is:

A big bowl of homemade soup with lots of  homemade white bread and lashings of butter. Takes me back to winter  school holidays when I use to spend most of my holidays at my  grandparents' house. Memories of warmth and full days of cooking, where  my obsession for food was rooted.

My dream meal - what, where and with whom:

My dream meal would be not  eating and enjoying, but cooking for Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and  Georges Auguste Escoffier... Thomas Kellar, Ferran Adria - and why not include  Brad Pitt and George Clooney, together with friends and family I can  continue with my list...


On Summerhill Stud Farm in the Midlands on a beautiful summer's afternoon  in one of the paddocks, surrounded by all the nation's best horses.  Sitting on hay bales and serving the finest local produce in a relaxed  environment, lots of bubbles and an aflernoon-evening filled with extremely interesting conversation.

If I wasn't a chef, I would love to be:

For a few months I tossed with  the idea of being a pilot. l am clearly a sucker for punishment - both  having crazy work hours. But, to be honest, I wouldn't change the  industry I am in for any other.

Extract from The Mercury - Food and Wine


Chef Jackie Cameron / Independent Newspapers (p)

Chef Jackie Cameron / Independent Newspapers (p)

By Tarryn Gill

PLAY (Independent Newspapers) introduces the WonderWomen series, a much-needed celebration of amazing, inspirational South African women we encounter daily. These are women who glow with tenacity, spirit and energy and who achieve often against all odds and in tough male-dominated environments. The May issue feature's Hartford House Head Chef, Jackie Cameron :

The attractive 29-

year-old blonde with the bold voice and twinkly earrings is not what I am expecting. I'm immediately taken aback at her confidence, she's certain but not overwhelming. I like her and I can't stop thinking about what she's whipping up for lunch. She has been described as a gastronomical memory maker, winning countless awards and voted by SA Tourism as one of the Top 10 Young South African Chefs. I just know that whatever lunch is, it's going to be good.

I'd like to undo the damage done to the f-word and ask you straight up. Are you a feminist?

I am a woman in a male-dominated industry - kitchens have become a man's world. But in it, I wear my earrings, do my hair, I have even designed a new range of chef jackets. I work damn hard, I get it done. At the same time I enjoy looking good, that makes me feel good, and yes, that's me being a feminist.

What's a day in the life of Jackie Cameron like?

Dominated by food! I run the front and the back of Hartford House's five-star restaurant, I'm finishing off my new recipe book, I'm designing a new range of chef jackets, I handle all the media requests that come in, and of course, not a plate leaves my kitchen that isn't checked by me.

Like most women, it sounds like you're mastering the art of multi-tasking. How do you find the creative energy to stay ahead of the pack?

I have no free time, but I do make time to spend with my family and I do set aside hours where I can be creative. In my game, you have to. I travel globally, as much as I can, keep up my research and I am lucky enough to have great guides like Anna Trapido, Victor Strugo and Margot Janse who are all very supportive.

So you believe in mentorship?

Yes. One of the aspects I love most about my work is the training. No award can compare to the reward you get from witnessing the growth of another person. In my kitchen, compassion is important, it's an all-women kitchen and I don't want anyone to fail so I spend time training my team. As a woman chef... I have kitchen rules : Rule #1: No one comes into the kitchen angry or stressing about an issue. We speak upfront, get it out of the way, then we work. Rule#2 : If there are any errors during service, we tackle it after service, not during, and we tackle it constructively.

So you don't do a Gordon then?

No, I definitely do not do Gordon. There's no screaming, shouting or swearing in my kitchen. That's not the way I was brought up. Some of my team members are ex-farm workers, some can't speak English very well, and most of them are mothers. I can't do that to them. Their work is invaluable to me and to Hartford House.

The talent, the hard work, the flair, the chic. I like the whole package, the way you own your femininity and strength, all at the same time and in a difficult male-dominated field.

Thank you, my femininity is empowering.

What's the one thing you want to say to young aspiring women wanting to go this route?

Think long and hard. Don't do it for the wrong reasons, it's no quick walk to fame. Start by researching all the options: chef, food writer or photographer, even catering. Make the decision that's best suited to you and have passion.

What are you doing tonight?

Cooking for a charity initiative called Food for Thought that assists street kids in Durban.

How's your love life out there in the beautifully dreamy KZN Midlands?

What love life? I am very single at the moment and enjoying it very much, thank you.

If you want to sample Jackie's fabulous cuisine, go to www.hartford.co.za or sample her pizza creation at your nearest Col'Cacchio pizzeria, the Carpe Funghi which contains mozzarella, caramelised onion, oven-roasted mushrooms, roasted gadic and Italian Parmesan, topped with thinly sliced beef Carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise and fresh dill. R5 from every pizza sold goes to Children's Hospital Trust.

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