Hartford House

The Home of Good Conversation, Fine Wine and Classic Horses.

Award-winning hotel and restaurant situated at Summerhill Stud on the picturesque KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander, South Africa.

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This guy's also high...

Neil Grant / Burrata (p)

Neil Grant / Burrata (p)

Valentine's Day
Thursday, 14 February

Valentine's Day is less than a week away. There's no time for complacency: some of us think we've got the chick that presses our buttons, and we can sit back and take it easy. That, it needs to be said, is the beginning of the end. You have seven days to re-energise things, and if you're still on your lonesome, you're in even more desperate straits. Pull finger!

One guy we know has got it all worked out. In a recent article for Eat Out, the magazine which claims the top spot in opinions on gastronomic matters, owner and sommelier at the celebrated Burrata restaurant, Neil Grant, knows all of the top eateries in the land, and had this to say:

"There are so many amazing restaurants for a romantic dinner. The Tasting Room, La Colombe, Rust en Vrede... They all offer amazing food with intimate surroundings. But honestly, if I really want to sweep my wife off her feet, a trip to Hartford House in the Natal Midlands is at the top of my list. The rooms are incredible and every meal, from breakfast to dinner, feels like a splurge. Gazing out at horses grazing on the stud property is really a special treat".

If you didn't heed Neil's advice and the wheels have come off, there's still time to make amends. The number is 033 263 2713.

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This is what Eat Out thinks...

Hartford House Restaurant / Sally Chance (p)

Hartford House Restaurant / Sally Chance (p)

"Described as a bucket list adventure, it won't disappoint."


Jackie Cameron's skills and knowledge of French classics allow her to push boundaries. This is evident in her ever-changing menu, which showcases Midlands produce and highlights her personality. Hearty English lentil tongue soup had me salivating for days. The chicken liver parfait (which was served with poached quail, Parma ham and sticky potatoes) is delicious - Asking for some more to spread over the homemade breads was so tempting. Ostrich tartar was fresh and delicate. Combinations of hot and cold on each plate accentuate the flavours just as described in the menu. The attention detail is what sets this restaurant apart. Described as a bucket list adventure, it won't disappoint.


The offering is designed for food and wine  enthusiasts. You will find gems and a collection of older vintages - some

of the best South Africa has to offer. The food and wine pairings  are well thought out.


Attentive, humble and genuine.


This iconic KwaZulu-Natal property is  steeped in history and culture, and you can enjoy some spectacular South  African art. Its colonial charm is breathtaking, and the combination of  old and new is very sophisticated.


Do stay over. Breakfast is even better than dinner (if it's possible).

For further queries, contact Emma on 033 263 2713 or reception@hartford.co.za

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Head Chef Jackie Cameron / Cooked in Africa

Head Chef Jackie Cameron / Cooked in Africa

"Small Producers / Suppliers to the Culinary Trade"

Turn up at the front gates to Summerhill Stud, home of Hartford House, on any given day, at 12 noon and a little beyond, and you'll see them; a stream of gleaming SUV's and smart cars, all headed for one of the nation's top eateries. They know their stuff, and they know it doesn't get much better. She's regularly in the news these days, but she takes nothing for granted. Every moment of recognition in a competitive world, is graciously acknowledged. Head Chef, Jackie Cameron, has been recognised once again by the publishers of Eat Out magazine. Their associate publication is Eat In (as most "foodies" know) and of all the experts in the nation, Jackie has been invited to join a panel of just four to assess the nation's premier small producers / suppliers to the culinary trade. To illustrate the extent of the compliment, she sits alongside revered critics Anelde Greef, (Content Director of Eat In) Abigail Donnelly, Anna Trapido and Pete Goffe-Wood, quite a team, and she's the youngest by half! (forgive the observation, guys!)

Judging takes place in Cape Town on the 19th and 20th January, so watch out for the outcomes in Eat In's 2012 edition, particularly if you're keen to know the tricks of the trade, and where the country's leading kitchens get their secret ingredients from.