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The Boerewors Roll... a South African Institution

How does one explain a boerewors roll to foreigners? I tell them it’s a meaty, coarsely-textured, very-savoury, well-balanced, juicy kind-of sausage. Could you do better than that?
— Jackie Cameron
Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

I remember on my first trip to Germany, the chefs who I was working with believed the Big 5 roamed freely in South Africa. Try getting the flavour, aroma and texture of boerewors - as well as the traditional braai philosophy - across to people who lack the fundamental knowledge of our country... Any facts regarding our customary foods took a long time to explain but the information was readily absorbed.

My grandfather owned A and D Butchery in Pietermaritzburg's Commercial Road (now Chief Albert Luthuli Street). Here they called boerewors Dutchman's Delight - DD. My cousin, Mark Berriman, emigrated to live in Australia and the first recipe he asked me for was our grandfather's boerewors. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to chat about food and, in particular, meat with my grandfather before he passed away. Peter Spiers, who owns Manor Butchery in Pietermaritzburg, and who worked with my grandfather, was prepared to share his recipe with me. I believe it is as close as possible to a formula for success.

Bread rolls can be bought but homemade is always so much better, if time allows. Hot and soft - fresh from the oven - and slightly sweet smelling is what I enjoy. My cravings are not limited to chicken livers; I also hanker after boerewors, tomatoes and hot peri-peri sauce. With the result a staff meal at Hartford often ends up being a wors roll. Thick lashings of butter, English mustard as well as tomato-and-onion chunky chutney - or a homemade onion relish - more-than meet my craving.

I'm often asked "with real butter?" as though it is a treat - something not commonly used. Remember butter is butter and the rest is margarine. I'm aware that butter is the more expensive option but, as the saying goes, trust the cow rather than the scientist. As children we often used to over-whisk cream so, on special occasions, my mother would buy double quantities - just in case. If you happen to over-whip your cream, continue the whisking process and it will end up as butter.

Try my fancy boerewors roll. Can/should a wors roll be fancy? Some foods are fit for kings and, I might add, queens! Does a boerie roll qualify? I'll leave you to answer as you celebrate our heritage with a boerewors roll in one hand and a beer in the other - even better if it's a craft beer created by Megan Gemmell of Pietermaritzburg... contact her at megan@clockworkbrewhouse.co.za. I grew up with Megan's brothers who I met through my friend Kelly Clarke; we were all around the same age. I always advocate supporting local artisan companies - knowing the brewer, in this case, makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

I suggest ending on a sweet note so a beer-and-peanut butter parfait with a thick, buttery tennis-biscuit base and hot caramelised bananas (heated, skin on, on the cooling coals) is my decadent choice for you!


Bread Rolls
Home-made Butter
Wholegrain Mustard
Chunky Tomato and Onion Relish
Peanut Butter and Beer Semi-Freddo

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Jackie Cameron
Head Chef / Hartford House
+27 33 263 2713

Food styling and recipe development by Elaine Boshoff.

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Gorgonzola Samoosas / Jackie Cameron (p)

Gorgonzola Samoosas / Jackie Cameron (p)


Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

The reverberation of vuvuzelas, and motor vehicles of all makes and shapes sporting a flag or three, heralded a national unity unseen since 1995. The 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup has arrived – and anticipation is behind us.  Continued enthusiasm, spirit and ubuntu are inspiring and I’m stirred by a warm, fuzzy proudly-South African sensation. With the month-long festivities and little time to indulge in cookouts, I suggest a selection of sensational bites.

Ensure you always have available thinly sliced biltong, the cheesiest-of-cheesy cheese straws and a selection of lightly-salted hot nuts. An assortment of olives and pickled onions are also an option. These quick-and-easy nibbles are the basics of my 'emergency kit'.

The easiest samoosas are the gorgonzola-filled option and they never fail to impress. I relish the warm centre of oozing gorgonzola surrounded by the crisp spring-roll pastry. Simplicity at its best!

A smoked snoek spread brings South   Africa into your television room. Serve this with paper-thin Melba toast, bowls of roasted garlic, caper berries and sundried tomatoes. Scrumptious!

I enjoy something slightly spicy when having a drink or two. This sparks memories of Dodo’s vegetable market in Church Street, Pietermaritzburg where my mom would stock up on supplies and my dad would buy a large paper packet filled with greasy chilli bites for my sister and I. The outer crispness and the inner slightly-spicy softness - almost sponginess - is a texture sensation. I add onion, tomato, pepper and lots of roughly chopped dhanya. For its intensity and versatility I rate dhanya one of my favourite fresh herbs and served on Camembert it makes a memorable meal with a homemade sweet chilli sauce, or with curry, or in samoosas, or in salads or with chicken livers. The options are endless.

On a healthier note, an avocado guacamole served with crudités (raw vegetables cut into bite-size strips) is light and satisfying. Nearby, place slices of old-style homemade cumin flavoured white bread and excellent-quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This will allow guests to drizzle vinegar and oil on the bread and, for a more substantial portion, finish with a spread of guacamole.

I am sure these quick, uncomplicated snacks will serve you and your guests well. Keep the spirit alive… Ayoba!

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