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1-2-3 Lavender Biscuits Recipe

 Lavender Biscuits Photo : Jackie Cameron

Lavender Biscuits
Photo: Jackie Cameron

1-2-3 Lavender Biscuits Recipe

The One, Two, Three Biscuit ensures instant treats because left-over dough can be frozen. The basic requirements are one part sugar, two parts butter and three parts flour. Flavours can be added. I use these popular biscuits for many of the desserts served atHartford House.

Yields : 40

Ingredients :

60g Caster Sugar

120g Salted Butter

180g Flour

Fresh Lavender to taste

Method :

1) Cream the sugar and butter together

2) Add the chopped lavender

3) Finish with the flour amount

4) Knead the dough together.Put half the dough onto a piece of greaseproof paper.Top with another piece of paper and roll this mixture out thinly with a rolling pin.Remove the top piece of paper.Use a cutter and cut the desired biscuit shapes out. Remove any excess biscuit mixture and place this, paper with cut out biscuits on, into the fridge.Continue until all the biscuit mixture is rolled out and sitting in the fridge.

5) Remove each individual biscuit from the paper and place onto a greased oven tray and bake at 140'C for 14 minutes or until cooked

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