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Fresh Summer Fruit Sparkling Wine Recipe

 Fruit Wine Jelly Photo  : Jackie Cameron

Fruit Wine Jelly
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Fresh Summer Fruit White Wine Jelly with Sparkling Wine Recipe

Yields: 4

Ingredients :

500 ml White Wine

60 ml Sugar

3 Gelatine Sheets or leaves (Supplier: Parklane SuperSpar in Commercial Road - they sell them in punnets of 10)

Optional fruits and herbs:

10 Gooseberries cut in half

12 Orange Segments

3 Strawberries cut in quarters

8 Mint Sprigs

8 Lavender Sprigs

½ Lemon's Rind – sliced

Method :

1) Heat a medium sized pot up. Add white wine and sugar (chef's note: taste this mixture to ensure there is enough sugar within. Sugar content in all wines vary). Bring to the boil.

1) Fill a large bowl with cold water. Place gelatine sheets into the water and allow to sponge. When the sheets are soft squeeze all excess water out

3) Place gelatine into warm wine mixture and strain. Put this mixture into the fridge to cool slightly (chef's note: otherwise your fruit will discolour from the heat of the wine liquid).

4) Once mixture is cool fill your martini glasses half way with liquid jelly. Place your fruit (chef’s note: Be careful with your selection of fruit as pineapple, papaya, kiwi and figs can interfere with the setting of gelatine items) and herb selection into this. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and turn the glass on its side. Place into fridge and allow to refrigerate for 12 hours.

Plating :

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