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Christmas Leftovers Breakfast Recipes

Herbed Scrambled Egg with Bubble ʼn Squeak  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Herbed Scrambled Egg with Bubble ʼn Squeak
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Christmas Leftovers Breakfast Recipes

The kitchen door will hardly have closed on Christmas supper when it’s reopened for breakfast the following day. Vegetables from yesterday’s gourmet lunch can kick-start day two’s laid-back celebrations. I create an irresistible “bubble ’n squeak” corn fritter and serve it with scrambled egg to which I’ve added freshly-picked herbs. With smoked salmon rosette, cream cheese and the optional caviar, I add a final delicious touch. This, served with crispy, crunchy homemade bread drenched in butter, is scrumptious.

Breakfast :

*Herbed Scrambled Egg with Bubble ʼn Squeak Corn Fritter, Smoked Salmon Rosette, Cream Cheese and Caviar

Served with toasted one day old bread and homemade Butter

Easy Breakfast Bread - Toasted

Yields : 1-2 loaves

Ingredients :

4 cups White Bread Flour (if making Brown Bread Bread use 2 cups White and 2 cups Brown Bread Flour)

10 g Instant Yeast

5 ml Salt

20 ml Milk Powder

20 ml Sugar

30 g Margarine

250 ml warm Water

5 ml Vinegar

1 Egg

Method :

1) Put all your dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix together

2) Rub in the margarine

3) Cut in the warm water and vinegar (chef’s note: you may need to add a little extra liquid nothing more than 90 ml extra)

4) Bring the dough together and knead for five minutes

5) Put into a bowl, cover and place in a warm area to prove

6) Knock back the dough and place into the greased tin or tins

7) Allow rising until double in size

8) Whisk the egg lightly.  Glaze the bread before cooking

9) Oven bake at 180ͦC for 15-20 minutes or until cooked

Homemade Quick and Easy Butter

Yields : about 280 g of Butter

Ingredients :

1 l fresh Cream

Salt and pepper

Method :

1) Whisk your cream until the curd and whey separates completely (chef’s note: a good idea is to make butter from any cream you over whisk)

2) Take the leftover solid amount and place under a running tap of cold water.  In a way you are washing the curd

3) Squeeze out all excess liquid (chef’s note: take care in doing this properly as the least amount of moisture the better.  The longer it will take to go rancid)

4) Season if necessary and mould into a desired container

Bubble ʼn Squeak Corn Fritter

Yields : about 10

Ingredients :

1 x 420g tin Cream Style Sweetcorn

1 whole Egg

180 ml Cake Flour

1 t Baking Powder

200g ready made vegetables

Method :

1) Heat a little sunflower oil in a pan

2) Mix all the above ingredients together not allowing this mixture to stand

3) Using a cutter spoon this mixture into the hot pan and allow cooking until golden brown on each side.(chef’s note: you may need to increase the amount of cake flour added depending on what type of vegetables are used) 

4) Place on paper towel and set aside for later heating and use

Scrambled Egg

Yields : 2

Ingredients :

5 Whole Eggs

100 ml Cream

Salt and pepper

2 T finely chopped Herbs

15 ml Salted Butter

Method :

1) Whisk all the ingredients together

2) Put the butter into a pan allow to get hot

3) Add the scrambled egg mixture and cook until correct consistency


1) Place corn fritters into an oven to heat

2) Make the scrambled egg

3) Serve the scrambled egg with the warm fritters, cream cheese, smoked salmon rosette, caviar, crispy toast and homemade butter

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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