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Iced Tea Recipe

Iced Tea Photo : Jackie  Cameron

Iced Tea
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Iced Tea Recipe

Pamper your mother with a memorable meal using methods which will  transport her on a journey of creativity. After all, all she ever does  is spoil you. Create this gastronomic experience in your home.

A welcome, ice-cold, glass of refreshing, fruity flavoured tea will  be received warmly. Tea’s full potential is often overlooked as many  only know it for its “hot cuppa” properties.

Yields: 4 glasses

Ingredients :

1.5l Water

2 Teabags

200 ml Honey

1 Lemon – sliced

60 ml Sugar

Fruit to garnish : 1 Orange and 1 Peach

Fresh Mint Sprigs

Lots of Ice

Method :

1) Put the water, teabags, honey, lemon and sugar into a pot and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Cool and strain on service

2) Full a jug with ice, fresh fruit and mint. Lastly pour in the tea mixture

3) Ready to serve

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Head Chef
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