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Almond Pate Brisee filled with Crème Patisserie Recipe

Almond Pate Brisee filled with Crème Patisserie Photo : Jackie Cameron

Almond Pate Brisee filled with Crème Patisserie
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Almond Pate Brisee filled with
Crème Patisserie

Jackie Cameron Photo : Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Almond-pate brisee, filled with the smoothest-of-smooth vanilla crème patisserie and topped with fresh figs takes basic French techniques and serves them up to play havoc with your taste buds!


Makes : 12 pastry cases, 6cm

Ingredients :

250gr Cake Flour

80ml Flaked Almonds, roasted and roughly chopped

15ml Icing Sugar

150gr Salted Butter, chilled

1 Egg Yolk

60ml Water, ice cold

Method :

1) Mix together the flour, almonds and icing sugar

2) Add the butter, working it in with your finger tips, should look like bread crumbs.

3) Add the egg yolk and water, to form a dough.

4) Cling wrap and place in fridge to rest.

5) Roll out and line pastry cases, dock (or prick) with a fork and place back into the fridge to get cold and rest further to prevent shrinkage.

6) Bake blink with rice / beans at 200ºC for about 15 minutes or until cooked.


Yield : 600ml

Ingredients :

500ml Full Cream Milk

½ Vanilla Pod, split in half and seeded

125gr White Sugar

2 Whole Eggs

25gr Maizena - Corn flour

Method :

1) Bring the milk and vanilla pod and seeds to the boil and allow simmering and infusing.

2) Whisk the eggs and sugar very well. Add to the hot liquid and mix.

3) Add a little of this mixture to the corn flour, to make a paste and the incorporate back into the hot mixture.

4) Lightly simmer until correct consistency is reached.

5) Strain, and cool in fridge.

6) When cool, full up the tart cases, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with fresh figs and mint.

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