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Braaied Beef Fillet Recipe

 Braaied Beef Fillet Photo : Jackie Cameron

Braaied Beef Fillet
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Braaied Beef Fillet

"Justin braaied a spicy beef fillet and cooked up a textured amadumbi and potato creamy mash..."

Ingredients :

Beef Fillet

Herbs and Spices of your choice (for instance : rosemary, dried coriander seeds, cumin, fennel and mustard seeds)

Sunflower oil

Method :

1) Prepare a braai

2) Clean and remove all sinew from your beef fillet

3) Use your hands and massage all your many herbs and spices around the beef fillet

4) Get your braai extremely hot, place your beef fillet on this and cook for 2 minutes, or until your desired doneness, on each side. When you can hear and see that the fire is extremely hot... pour a drizzle or so of sunflower oil over the beef while on the braai so the flames rise and give the beef fillet a beautiful smokey flavour.

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