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Bread Basket with a Poached Egg Recipe

Poached Egg on Toast Photo : Jackie Cameron

Poached Egg on Toast
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Bread Basket with a Poached Egg

In the Hartford House kitchen, I impress upon all that an order should take as long as the eggs take to cook. A good few hours are spent preparing for this important meal and I believe an aspiring chef should spend his / her first month on the breakfast shift because it teaches precision, speed and the importance of maintaining a high standard. No one wants a badly fried egg first thing in the morning.

As a refreshing change I suggest a perfectly-poached egg and crispy bacon in an individual toasted-bread basket.

Yields: 1


Slice of Bread

Salted Butter

Whole Egg

15 ml White Wine Vinegar


1) Butter the bread, place into the microwave-for a few seconds-to get slightly warm, and then carefully place into a large muffin tray to form a basket. Oven bake at 180°C until crispy cooked, remove from oven and set aside.

2) POACHED EGG. Always use the freshest of egg.

3) Get a small pot on the heat, add water and bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer. Perfect temperature is said to be between 71°C-82°C. Add the vinegar as this ensures the egg white congeals quickly.

4) Break the egg into a ramekin, stir the water and pour the egg into the simmering, rotating water. The circulation movement will bring the egg white all together.

5) Check if the egg is done by using a slotted spoon, lift the egg and put pressure on the yolk to check doneness.

6) Remove from water and drain on a piece of bread before serving.

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Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
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