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Brandy Sauce Recipe

Brandy Sauce Photo : Ja ckie Cameron

Brandy Sauce
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Brandy Sauce Recipe

Christmas pudding is a must. Make it… buy it… but ensure it’s on your menu.

A simple, silky-textured brandy sauce will add zing to your rich dessert.

Yields: 350 ml

Ingredients :

40 g Butter

20 g all purpose Flour

60 g Caster Sugar

30 ml Golden Syrup

150 ml Milk

150 ml Cream

60 ml Brandy

Method :

1) Melt butter in a sauce pan on a low heat

2) Add flour slowly to ensure no lumps form and cook for one minute

3) Add caster sugar and syrup to the above mixture and stir continuously

4) Add milk and cream and cook the mixture until the correct consistency is reached.Set aside

5) Just before serving add Brandy

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Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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