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Chicken and Ostrich Kebabs Recipe

Chicken and Ostrich Kebabs Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chicken and Ostrich Kebabs
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chicken and Ostrich Kebabs

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Always choose extra-lean meat. For something different try ostrich. It’s important that you trim all the fat off the meat. At your next braai add low-fat, healthy, chicken kebabs to your menu and a side serving of yoghurt tatziki, as well as some low-fat ostrich kebabs with a slightly-spicy, dried-mango dipping sauce.

Ingredients :

Chicken, cut into cubes

Ostrich, cut into cubes

Selection of vegetables off your choice: peppers, onions, courgettes, mushrooms, celery, tomatoes.


Yields : 250ml

Ingredients :

180gr Cucumber

5ml Garlic, grated/crushed

15ml Fennel, chopped

60ml Low Fat Yoghurt

Method :

1) Grate cucumber, sprinkle with about 10 ml fine salt and leave overnight if possible. Rinse and squeeze excess liquid out-set aside

2) Grate garlic

3) Mix all the ingredients together and season well

Mango Dipping Sauce

Yields : 800ml

Ingredients :

250gr Dried Mango

5gr Ginger, grated

5gr Garlic, crushed

2gr Chilli, seeds removed and sliced

15gr Fresh Coriander

300ml Coconut Milk

1) Rehydrate or soak dried mango in boiling water for a few minutes

2) Blend all the ingredients together

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