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Chicken Cream Cheese Pancake / Crepe Recipe

Chicken Cream Cheese Pancake Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chicken Cream Cheese Pancake
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Crepe filled with Chicken, Cream Cheese, Sesame Seeds and Red Onion

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Here’s an idea to make your picnics interesting yet stress free for the person hosting the occasion. A chicken-and-cream-cheese pancake/crepe wrap is another practical idea. The pancake/wrap has the advantage of keeping the chicken cool. For picnics I prefer using cream cheese rather than mayonnaise. The sustainability of the raw egg in the mayonnaise is questionable.

Savoury Crepe / Pancake

Yields: 12 at 40 ml each (pan size 16cm)


125 g Cake Flour

Pinch fine Salt

2 Beaten Eggs

187.5 ml Milk

62.5 ml Water

10 g melted Butter


1) Mix flour and salt together

2) Add eggs, milk and water gradually

3) Lastly add melted butter

5) Allow to stand for two hours

6) Get a pan hot and spray 'n cook it. Lightly cover the base of the pan with batter

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