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Chilli Bites Recipe

Chilli Bites Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chilli Bites
Photo : Jackie Cameron

I enjoy something slightly spicy when having a drink or two. This sparks  memories of Dodo’s vegetable market in Church Street, Pietermaritzburg  where my mom would stock up on supplies and my dad would buy a large  paper packet filled with greasy chilli bites for my sister and I. The  outer crispness and the inner slightly-spicy softness - almost  sponginess - is a texture sensation. I add onion, tomato, pepper and  lots of roughly chopped Dhania. For its intensity and versatility I rate Dhania one of my favourite fresh herbs and served on Camembert it makes  a memorable meal with a homemade sweet chilli sauce, or with curry, or  in samoosas, or in salads or with chicken livers. The options are  endless.

Chilli Bites

Yields : about 25

Ingredients :

3 cups Pea Flour

20ml Roasted Cumin

½ white Onion, chopped

2 Tomatoes remove seeds and chop

1 small pepper, chopped

30 ml Durban Masala

½ bunch Fresh Dhania, finely chopped

¼ t Bicarbonate of Soda

350 ml Water

Method :

1) Heat oil for deep-frying

2) Add the cumin, onion, tomatoes, peppers, masala and Dhania to the pea flour

3) Finish with bicarb and the water.  (Add just enough water to make a soft dough.)

4) Spoon the chilli bite mixture into the warm oil and allow frying until golden in colour.  Remove and place on paper towelling.  Serve

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