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Chocolate Fridge Tart Recipe

 Chocolate Fridge Tart Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chocolate Fridge Tart
Photo : Jackie Cameron

With the extra-long June holiday looming some homemade goodies will keep  children entertained. Bear in mind this time in the kitchen will be  for personal pleasure so sweet, chocolatey items that require little  effort will be winners. The first treat that springs to mind is a  deliciously simple chocolate fridge tart. A rich, textured flavour that  is most dad’s favourite. Remember to save him a slice!

Chocolate Fridge Tart

Yields : 1 tray size of 20cm x 16 cm – about 18 pieces

Ingredients :

2 pkt Tennis Biscuits

2 medium Eggs

1 T Vanilla Essence

250 g Margarine

30ml Cocoa Powder

500g Icing Sugar

Method :

1) Crumble the biscuits and set aside

2) Whisk the eggs and vanilla together

3) Melt the margarine; add the cocoa and icing sugar to this.  Then add this margarine mixture to the egg mixture

4) Add crumbled biscuits, stir and pour into a greased tray

5) Cut into desired shapes when firm

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