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Coconut Ice Recipe

Coconut Ice Photo : Jackie Cameron

Coconut Ice
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Every Christmas my sister and I would give our teachers a large glass  jar filled with picture-perfect homemade coconut ice. We’d cover the  lids with pink and white gingham material. So pretty! We still claim  we made them but Mom smiles because she knows better…

Coconut Ice

Yields : 12 (20cm x 16cm)

Ingredients :

4 cups of White Sugar

1 cup full cream Milk

2 pinch’s fine Salt

2 cup desiccated Coconut

1 t Vanilla Essence

Few drops Red Food Colouring

Method :

1) Bring sugar, milk and salt to the boil stirring all the time.  Stop stirring and allow simmering for ten minutes

2) Remove from the heat and beat in the vanilla essence and coconut.  Work very quickly.  Stir until a thick pouring consistency is reached

3) Pour half of your mixture into a greased tray

4) Add a small quantity of red food colouring into the coconut mixture left in your pot.  Incorporate quickly

5) Pour this pink coconut mixture on top of the, relatively firm, white coconut mixture

6) Cool slightly and then cut into desired shapes

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