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Country Lamb Shank with Gremolata Recipe

 Lamb Shank Photo : Jackie Cameron

Lamb Shank
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Country Lamb Shank with Gremolata

Farmers who strive to consider the environment and are dedicated to quality will definitely outshine the rest. I'm committed to supporting local growers, butchers, bakers and cheese-makers, where possible. We all need to 'live' locally.

Serve with herbed creamy polenta or mashed potato.

(Gremolata - Chopped herb condiment of garlic, parsley and lemon zest. Add orange zest for a delicate sweetness. Traditionally served with Ossobucco.)

Good Wholesome, Fresh Cooking

Yields: 2 large portions


15 g Salted Butter

15 g Sunflower Oil

275gr Onions, chopped

115gr Carrots, chopped

50gr Celery, chopped

300gr Tomatoes, chopped

2ml Lemon, Zest

2 (1800gr) Lamb Shanks

62ml Cake Flour

3 ml Paprika Powder

20 g salted Butter

15 g sunflower oil

500ml Red Wine

1liter Beef Stock

5ml Thyme, dried

4no Fresh Basil Leaves

5ml Fresh Oregano

15gr fresh Garlic, crushed

15gr fresh Ginger, grated

5ml Nutmeg Powder

45ml fresh Coriander, chopped

5no Bay Leaves-fresh


(A well-kneaded mixture of equal quantities of flour and butter, small quantities of which are used to progressively thicken liquids and sauces)

62ml Cake Flour, salt and pepper

62ml salted Butter

125ml Red Wine


1) Heat a heavy based pot; add 15g butter and 15g oil. Then add onions and allow cooking followed by carrots, celery and then tomatoes and lemon zest. Remove from pot and set aside

2) Dust the Lamb Shank in the flour, paprika, salt and pepper

3) Using that same pot add 20gr butter and 15gr oil, sear the lamb shanks until golden in colour

3) Score around the leg bone- about one inch down

4) Add vegetables, red wine, stock, thyme, basil, oregano garlic, ginger, nutmeg, coriander and bay leaves

5) Bring to the boil and allow light simmering for about 2 hours or until tender.

6) Remove lamb shanks and reduce the sauce by half

7) If thickening is needed slowly add bit by bit the Beurre manié mixture and allow simmering

8) Finish with the 125ml Red Wine

9) Garnish make a Gremoulata:

5gr Lemon Zest

5gr Orange Zest

5gr Garlic, crushed

5gr Parsley, chopped

Mix all the ingredients together and sprinkle over when plating the lamb shank.

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 jackie cameron

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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