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"Deviled" or Stuffed Eggs Recipe

 Deviled or Stuffed Eggs  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Deviled or Stuffed Eggs
Photo : Jackie Cameron

"Deviled" or Stuffed Eggs

In the Hartford House kitchen, I impress upon all that an order should take as long as the eggs take to cook. A good few hours are spent preparing for this important meal and I believe an aspiring chef should spend his / her first month on the breakfast shift because it teaches precision, speed and the importance of maintaining a high standard. No one wants a badly fried egg first thing in the morning.

Who could forget Deviled or stuffed eggs? These are regulars on a 'grown-up's' cocktail or snack menu. Dating back to ancient Roman recipes, Deviled describes a dark food, spicy and highly seasoned which is either chopped or ground and served hot or cold.

Yields: 4 halves


2 Whole Eggs, boiled hard

3 Chives

2 t homemade Mayonnaise

2 Sundried Tomatoes


1) Remove egg from the boiling water, hard boiled, and place into ice water to cool. Peel under water as this loosens the membrane under the shell. Also start with the larger end as there is an air pocket under the shell.

2) Once peeled, cut lengthways and place egg yolk into a bowl.

3) Mash the yolks; add mayonnaise, sundried tomatoes and your choice of spices if you please.

4) Cut a section off the base of the egg white to ensure it stands nicely on a plate.

5) Pipe the egg yolk mixture within the white, garnish and serve (Tip, I have heard, if you place the eggs on their side within the fridge for 12 hours this will keep the yolks to the centre when cooking).

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Head Chef
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