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Dim Sum Recipe

 Dim Sum Photo : Jackie Cameron

Dim Sum
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Dim Sum

I was astonished by the variety of Dim Sum - the many tasty Wontons, steamed buns and Spring rolls. Wontons are different in shape, size and filling depending on where you are in China and can be steamed or deep-fried.

Pork, Ginger and Mint Wonton's

Wonton Wrappers

(You can purchase these at any good Chinese shop, which makes the process a lot faster and easier.)

Ingredients :

1 Whole Egg

1/3 - 1/2 cup Water

2 cups Cake Flour

¾ t fine Salt

Method :

1) Beat the egg and the water together

2) Sift the flour and salt together

3) Make a well in the centre of the flour and slowly start adding the egg/water mixture until a dough is formed.  The dough must not be dry

4) Knead this for about 5 minutes or until smooth and workable

5) Place this into a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and allow resting for 30 minutes

6) On a floured surface roll out the wonton wrapper squares. (8x8cm). If you are making many you can roll this quickly and thinly through a pasta machine.

7) Cut these all out and place covered with plastic in the fridge until you are ready for filling, rolling and finishing

Pork, Ginger and Mint Wonton Filling

Ingredients :

250 g Pork Mince

55 g chopped white Onion

5 g grated ginger

1-2 garlic Cloves

2 T finely chopped fresh Mint

30 ml Kikkoman Soya Sauce

15ml White Sugar

15ml chopped, lemongrass

Salt and Pepper

Method :

1) Mix this all together and season well-set aside.

Wrapping a Wonton up

(You can be as creative as you want. A simple pastry "money bag" look is easy, works, and tastes just as good. But here is a more classical style. Enjoy)

1) Place your square wonton wrapper on a floured surface. With your finger place water around the edges of this wrapper

2) Then place about 1 teaspoon of your filling on the centre of the wrapper

3) Fold the wrapper over the filling to close all sides

4) Work your fingers from the filling outwards to ensure the filling stays all together at the centre fold. This will allow the filling to stay in the centre with the rest of the wrapper completely closed off

5) Keeping your fingers close to the filling fold the wrapper over one more time lengthways

6) Then take the base two top corners and lightly dampen these with a little water. Push these together to seal so one overlaps the other. Allow the other two corners to continue sticking out

7) Turn this over and this is now ready to steam, boil or deep fry. Steaming for about 5 minutes is perfect. Serve with a dipping sauce. (These can be frozen well for up to 2 months.) Defrost overnight in the fridge for best results.

Steaming of the Wonton

1) Make shift-steamer if you do not have one

2) Find a pot that will fit your metal colander within. Place some water at the base of the pot, just enough but not too much. You do not want on boiling water to raise through the colander only the steam. Prepare a side plate covered with spinach leaves. Top with your wonton creations. On boiling place, this side plate within the colander/pot and quickly cover with a lid. Steam and when cooked remove the lid quickly so no water droplets fall on your wontons.

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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