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Full House English Breakfast with Corn Fritter and Fried Banana Recipe

English Breakfast Photo: Jackie Cameron

English Breakfast
Photo: Jackie Cameron

A firm English favourite is fish and chips. Go to Brighton Pier/Beach where sidewalk eating is the norm and fish & chips the preferred dish. There you’ll find a selection to confuse any hungry fish lover. The simple pub food of bangers and mash, baked beans, bubble ‘n squeak (left over vegetables from dinner presented for breakfast in a stir up), Sheppard’s Pie and Cottage Pie are all must haves; so, too, is a full-house English breakfast.  Nothing sets the tone for a day of celebrations better than a good fry up.

Full House English Breakfast with Corn Fritter and Fried Banana

Corn Fritter - goes under the egg

Yields : about 8 – 4 portions

Ingredients :

410g Sweet corn - Cream Style

1 whole Egg

Salt and Pepper

180 ml Cake Flour

5 ml Baking Powder

Method :

1) Mix all the ingredients together

2) Do not allow this mixture to stand. Shallow fry straight away. Place onto paper towel when cooked

3) Cut into desired shapes and serve

Fry up for four

  • Pork Chipolatas - poach for a minutes and pan sear in butter
  • Back bacon - 2 pieces per person
  • Free Range Eggs - scrambled, poached, boiled or fried
  • Button Mushroom

Heat a pan, add a small knob, 20g, of butter and cook until the beurre noisette stage/browning.  Add the quartered mushroom, 240 g, and cook.

Just before serving, add a splash, 25 ml, of Kikkoman soya sauce.

Cherry Tomatoes, 200g,

Heat a pan; add butter and the sear cherry tomatoes in this.  Finish with a splash, 15ml, of balsamic vinegar

Sliced Banana

Heat a pan, add butter and cook.  Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. 

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