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Gorgonzola Samoosas Recipe

Gorgonzola Samoosas Photo : Jackie Cameron

Gorgonzola Samoosas
Photo : Jackie Cameron

The easiest samoosas are the gorgonzola-filled option and they never  fail to impress. I relish the warm centre of oozing gorgonzola  surrounded by the crisp spring-roll pastry. Simplicity at its best!

Gorgonzola Samoosas

Ingredients :


Spring roll Pastry

Cake Flour


Method :

1) Divide the spring roll pastry into three long pieces about 7cm wide and 21 cm long.  Cut down this division line and cover with a damp cloth

2) Make a slurry or flour/water paste and set aside

3) Make, 10g, balls of gorgonzola and set aside

4) Roll up your samoosa, deep fry and serve

Rolling instructions

*Place your individual spring roll pastry vertically in front of you.  Take the left hand bottom corner of the pastry and fold it, making it form a triangle that is touching the right hand side of the pastry. 

*Place the gorgonzola ball under this pastry flap and push this down securely making sure the corners are pointed and closed tightly so no cheese will later ooze out.  *Where the triangle forms a line on the pastry (the top open flap of your triangle shape).  Fold the pastry along this line and lift your triangle so the bottom point touches about ¾ its way up the right hand side of the pastry.

*Then take the bottom right corner of the pastry and fold this tightly over to the left hand side keeping in mind you want a triangular shape.  Allow each side to meet perfectly so all corners are tight so no later oozing on frying.

*Place a thin brush of the slurry or flour paste at the top of your pastry and continue the same process of rolling up.

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