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Heart Shaped Lavender Biscuits Recipe

 Lavender Heart Biscuits  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Lavender Heart Biscuits
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Heart Shaped Lavender Biscuits Recipe

Dessert means time to relax so serve something effortless such as crispy crunchy popcorn, smooth-textured Turkish Delight and decadent hand-made chocolate truffles. However, if you still have the energy I suggest heart-shaped lavender biscuits. Serve these with a white chocolate and lemon mousse finished with hot roasted hazelnuts, pomegranate rubies and Belgian chocolate sauce. Always a hit!

Yields : 4 large heart biscuits

Ingredients :

30g Caster Sugar

60g Salted Butter

120g Flour

Fresh Lavender to taste

Method :

1) Cream the sugar and butter together

2) Add the chopped lavender

3) Finish with the flour amount

4) Knead the dough together.  Place the dough onto a piece of greaseproof paper.  Top with another piece of paper and roll this mixture out thinly with a rolling pin.  Remove the top piece of paper.  Use a heart stencil or cutter and cut the desired size of the biscuits out.  Place the heart shaped uncooked biscuits into the refrigerator

5) Remove each individual heart biscuit from the paper and place onto a greased oven tray and bake at 140ͦ C until cooked

White Chocolate and Lemon Mousse

Yields : Halve the recipe for 2 portions

Ingredients :

5 Eggs –large

2/3 cup Sugar

150ml Lemon Juice

187ml Cream

100g White Chocolate-melted

Method :

1) Whisk the eggs, sugar and lemon Juice over a double boiler until the mixture gets thick and creamy.  (Chef’s Note: This is ready when you can: take a spoon of mixture and draw a figure of eight in the bowl of leftover egg mixture.)

2) Refrigerate this. When set add melted chocolate and put back in the fridge

3) When this is set add firmly whipped cream and set aside for later use

Chocolate Sauce

Yields : +- 250 ml

Ingredients :

125ml Cream

100g Dark Chocolate


1) Melt both ingredients together over a double boiler


Roasted Hazelnuts

Fresh Mint

Pomegranate Rubies or any other Fresh Berries

(chef’s note: Cleaning a pomegranate can be a messy job.  I suggest cutting the top and bottom of the pomegranate off.  Then take a knife and slice through the skin lengthways at even intervals.  Full a bowl with lots of water and place your hands and the fruit into the water.  Start by peeling off the skin and separating the flesh from the rubies.  You will notice how the flesh rises to the top and the rubies with sink to the bottom.  Remove all the excess pieces, strain and you will be left with undamaged pomegranate rubies.)

On Serving

Place a lavender biscuit on the place.  Top with mousse and chocolate sauce.  Finish with pomegranate rubies, warm hazelnuts and lots of finely sliced mint

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