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Lamb Burgers Recipe

 Duck Confit Photo : Jackie Cameron

Duck Confit
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Lamb Burgers

For a burger with a difference try lamb mince - with loads of mint and chive to break down the richness. The light texture is enhanced with oven-seared cherry tomatoes and tatziki (Greek condiment consisting of yoghurt and grated cucumber). Served with triple-baked crisp potato slices this dish is simply marvellous.

Lamb Mince Burger Patty

Yields: 4 Patties


500 g Lamb Mince

3 Egg Yolks

45 ml finely chopped Mint

45 ml finely chopped Chives

Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper

30 ml salted Butter


60 g Cake Flour


1) Mix the lamb mince, yolks, mint and chives together. Season well

2) Roll into a firm ball and roll in the flour to form an outer layer of flour. Push the patty meat into a cutter to form a neat, round shape.

3) Heat a pan, add butter and sear the patties. Place into a hot oven, 200°C for 17 minutes (turn the patties over at half time), remove from the oven and re-sear in a pan and serve


Yields: 4 portions


½ Cucumber

5ml fine Salt

80 g plain Yoghurt

15 ml finely chopped Mint

2 cloves Garlic, chopped

Freshly ground Black Pepper


1) Grate the cucumber, add salt and place into a colander or sieve to remove any excess liquid. Leave overnight for best results

2) Rinse the salt off the cucumber and squeeze any excess liquid off. Add all the other ingredients and set aside for serving

Putting the Burger together

Toast the burger roll, butter well and top with crispy lettuce leaves or fresh herbs. Place lamb pattie on top of this, together with a tablespoon or so of tatziki. Finish with balsamic seared cherry tomatoes.

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