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Mocha Bean Ice Cream and Choc Chip Cookies Recipe

Mocha Bean Ice Cream Photo : Jackie Cameron

Mocha Bean Ice Cream
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Mocha Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies served in a Sugar Cup with an Espresso on the side

Creamy, ultra smooth mocha bean ice cream with crumbled chocolate chip cookies is a favourite of mine. Serve this in a sugar cup with an espresso on the side. Delicious!

Mocha Bean Ice Cream Recipe

Yields: about 1.5 Litres


6 Egg Yolks

200g White Sugar

1 Litre Cream

65g Coffee Beans

65g Dark Chocolate

15 ml Liquid Glucose (try a local pharmacy for this)


1) Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together very well

2) While whisking bring the cream and coffee to the boil, Remove from the heat and add the chocolate and glucose

3) Slowly pour the warm cream mixture into the whisking egg yolk mixture and infuse for 30 minutes (cover with plastic and allow to stand and the flavours to develop). Strain and place into the fridge overnight to cool

4) Churn in an ice cream machine. If an ice cream machine isn't available place chilled mixture into freezer. Whisk every 30 minutes until frozen to allow for a light and fluffy ice cream

Choc Chip Cookies Recipe

Yields: about 40


250g salted Butter

5 ml Vanilla Essence

1 ½ cup Brown Sugar

2 whole Eggs

1 cup Cake Flour

1 cup Self-raising Flour (1 cup cake flour sifted with 5 ml baking powder)

1/2 cup Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup desiccated Coconut

125 g chopped Dark Chocolate

125 g chopped White Chocolate

Extra desiccated Coconut


1) Cream the butter, vanilla and brown sugar together

2) Whisk in the eggs

3) Add the rest of the ingredients

4) Grease or "Spray n Cook" a tray. Place your hands in the extra coconut and then roll biscuit balls. Use a fork to flatten slightly. These do spread quiet a bit so space well

Sugar Almond Cup Recipe

Yields: about 8


50g flaked, roasted Almonds

130 g Caster Sugar

1 ml Vanilla Extract

½ ml Almond Essence

3 Egg Whites

25 g melted salted Butter

60 g White Cake Flour


1) Mix the almonds, sugar, vanilla extract, almond essence and egg whites together

2) Add the warm butter and mix well, cover and leave overnight in the fridge

3) The next day add the flour and roll out into a round shape between greaseproof paper as thin as possible. Oven bake in a cool oven until evenly cooked. Place over the back of a muffin tray to get the bowl shape

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