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Omelette Fillings Recipe

 Omelette Photo : Jackie Cameron

Photo : Jackie Cameron

Interesting Fillings for an Omelette

In the Hartford House kitchen, I impress upon all that an order should take as long as the eggs take to cook. A good few hours are spent preparing for this important meal and I believe an aspiring chef should spend his / her first month on the breakfast shift because it teaches precision, speed and the importance of maintaining a high standard. No one wants a badly fried egg first thing in the morning.

Some believe that adding water, rather than cream, to an omelette mixture increases steam and results in a lighter omelette. Call me old fashioned but I believe there is no substitute for cream's richness. An omelette is defined as beaten egg cooked in a pan in a round shape which can be rolled or folded. Childhood memories include soufflé cheese omelettes prepared by my mother. We, however, serve a Japanese-styled omelette at Hartford House. Both preparations have their place. Fillings can include mature camembert and chunky cranberry sauce or hand-pressed basil pesto with sundried tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella cheese and hot thyme-seared cherry tomatoes.

1) Mature camembert and cranberry sauce

2) Italian omelette-basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

3) Full house-bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and onions

4) Ratatouille filled

5) Smoked salmon and cream cheese

6) Three cheese

7) Crispy bacon and blueberries

8) Well caramelised onions with spinach and feta

9) Biltong, avocado, cream cheese and sundried tomatoes

10) Leftover mince with lots of cheddar cheese

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