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Pan-seared Beef Fillet Recipe

Pan-seared Beef Fillet  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pan-seared Beef Fillet
Photo : Jackie Cameron

On my last evening in Switzerland Carla Ferrari cooked rare beef fillet. Never have I enjoyed such quality meat abroad. And, the sauce with the beef is without doubt the best and easiest home-cooked accompaniment I know. Try it!

Pan-seared Beef Fillet

Ingredients : 4 - 6 portions

100 ml Sherry

100 ml Brandy

60 g Frozen Butter

1 sprig Rosemary

1 garlic clove

Method :

1) Keep the pan to the side after searing the fillet

2) Heat this pan when the beef is ready for serving, add the two alcohols (or any two alcohols of your choice) and allow to reduce and lift off all the pan juices. Once boiling add the rosemary, garlic clove and whisk in the frozen butter. Add all beef juices and pan juices to this sauce to give a lovely meaty flavour. Serve hot or warm; both are just as delicious.

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