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Pecan Nut Praline Parfait Recipe

 Pecan Nut Praline Parfait  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pecan Nut Praline Parfait
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pecan Nut Praline Parfait

A skillfully-textured Frangelico and pecan nut parfait.

Yields : 32cm x 24cm tin

Ingredients :

500 g Pecan Nuts

500 g Castor Sugar

6 Whole Eggs

8 ml Water

2 tot Frangelico

1 L Cream

Method :

1) Roast the nuts, while roasting, caramelise the sugar. Pour the caramelised sugar over the warm nuts to form a praline, mix and place out on a greaseproof paper to cool. Chop this praline up roughly and set aside

2) Sabayon the egg yolks, water and franjelico amount Bain Marie/double boiler style until light and frothy, when you can form a figure of eight above your mixture, and coat the back of a spoon-it is ready. (Place a pot of water on the stove; put the egg yolks, water and franjelico into a stainless steel bowl that will sit on and in your pot. Ensure your bowl does not touch the below boiling water. Remove some water if needed. Whisk this amount until light and frothy.)

3) When cool add the chopped praline

4) Then fold in the whipped cream and finally finish by folding in the firmly whipped egg whites

5) Place into a container and freeze overnight

6) Cut and portion into desired shapes and serve semi-frozen with lots of fresh mint, fruit or with a fresh berry sorbet. The slight tartness of the berry sorbet compliments the creaminess of the parfait.

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