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Red Wine Poached Pear Recipe

 Poached Pear Photo : Jackie Cameron

Poached Pear
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Red Wine Poached Pear

Ironically, going back to our roots and remembering what our grandparents did seems to be the way forward. As the home cook becomes more skilled and well informed, his / her expectations increase when dinning out. This should see chefs becoming more innovative in their ideas, cooking styles and use of fresh produce. The abundance of readily available fresh produce will entice people to eat less red meat and improve both their and the environment's wellbeing.

Taking fruit when in abundance and poaching for later eating and enjoyment.


250ml freshly squeezed Orange Juice

250ml Red Wine

1no Orange, cut in quarters

1no Lemon, cut in quarters

4no Pears, peeled and de-cored

2no Star Anise

125ml White Sugar

2no Bay Leaves


1) Place all the ingredients in one pot.

2) Bring to the boil, and then simmer for about 20 minutes until cooked. Leave the pears in the syrup for a few days to develop the colour and flavours within the pear. Serve classically with gorgonzola, hot roasted walnuts and honey.

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