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Smoked Salmon Rolls Recipe

 Smoked Salmon Rolls Photo : Jackie Cameron

Smoked Salmon Rolls
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Smoked Salmon Rolls Recipe

A starter of smoked salmon rolls filled with horseradish crème and topped with micro greens is delectable. Add herbed croutons, cherry tomatoes, red onions and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and the result is a mouth-watering explosion of textures and flavours. Dreamy!

Ingredients :

Smoked Salmon Pieces


Horseradish Cream

Whipped Cream

Micro-herbs or other Baby Herbs


Red Onion

Cherry Tomatoes

Method :

1) For every 2t of Horseradish crème add 4t firmly whipped cream. Place your smoked salmon pieces on a board and cut to about 8cm in length and about 3cm in width. (chef’s note: cover board with plastic before doing this to ensure your board doesn’t smell like fish) Pipe one line of horseradish cream along the width and then roll up. 

2) Cut a cucumber into 8cm pieces. Take a potato peeler and peel the cucumber, making sure you get a bit of the outer green part, on both sides, every time. (Peel until you get to the seeds and then start on the next side and continue until you are left with a rectangular piece of cucumber seeds) Cut these cucumber ribbons in half, lengthways, and wrap around the base of the smoked salmon roll to ensure everything stays together.

3) Garnish with some micro herbs and top with a crouton.

4) Serve with a lemon wedge, cherry tomatoes and red onion slices.

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