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Steamed Amadumbe Recipe

 Steamed Amadumbe Photo: Jackie Cameron

Steamed Amadumbe
Photo: Jackie Cameron

Steamed Amadumbe

I will start with the simplest and most common way of eating amadumbe. The trick is to steam rather than boil. This results in a firmly textured vegetable rather than the common soggy mishmash that so often is served. I was amazed that my team of Zulus, who have grown up eating amadumbe, were unfamiliar with this method. It was Jabu Ngwane, who works for my parents, who taught me how to keep the vegetables firm.

Ingredients :

1 litre-750 ml Water

1 kg Amadumbies

Method :

1) Heat a heavy based pot up, add the water and bring to the boil. Add Amadumbies and allow to "steam" in this water amount. Keep turning around and topping up with water. Take about 2 hours or so to cook, obviously the timing will alter depending on the size as we were working with very plump amadumbies. A medium sized is better in flavour and quality. When a knife can cut through the Amadumbe easily, they are ready.

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