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Strawberry Crème Anglaise Recipe

 Strawberry Creme Anglaise  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Strawberry Creme Anglaise
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Strawberry Crème Anglaise

Straightforward strawberry crème anglaise served with fresh fruit is a perfect summer dessert.

Yields : 250ml

Ingredients :

2 Egg Yolks (reserve egg whites for later use; for example: egg white omelette or meringues. Keep in mind egg whites freeze well so can be collected and used at a later stage)

30 ml White Sugar

1/3 cup Full Cream Milk

½ cup Cream

½ vanilla Pod-split

¼ cup puree Fresh Strawberry

Method :

1) Whisk yolks and sugar together well

2) Heat to boiling point the milk, cream, vanilla pod and seeds

3) Add the warm cream mixture to the whisked egg mixture slowly, tablespoon by tablespoon so to ensure tempering

4) Place a pot of water on the stove; pour the above mixture into a stainless steel bowl that will sit on and in your pot. Ensure your bowl does not touch the below heated water. Remove some water if needed. 

5) Stir continuously and regulate the water in the pot below so over heating does not occur. This is a long and slow process but so gratifying when completed. Your custard is ready when you turn the spoon over and run your finger across the back of the spoon. If the custard holds its shape, it is ready.  Remove from the heat and cool slightly

6) Add pureed strawberry to this. Cool in the fridge with a piece of plastic sitting on top of the anglaise so no skin forms. I sometimes find an anglaise to be too sweet so the fresh tartness of the strawberries cuts this and brings out the vanilla aroma.  

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