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Amadumbe Blini Recipe

Amadumbe Blini Photo : Jackie Cameron

Amadumbe Blini
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Amadumbe Blini

I have fond memories of making and eating griddle scones with my grandmother. In a tribute to her I have developed an amadumbe version. I call this my amadumbe blini. It's like a potato crumpet, with an outer crispness and inner softness. It can be served with smoked salmon, caviar, chives and cream cheese or, for a complete ethic experience, with ostrich or springbok Carpaccio.

Yields: 6/7


225g steamed and mashed Amadumbe

½ t fine Salt

25 g salted Butter, melted

50 g Cake Flour

5ml salted Butter

5ml Sunflower Oil


1) Add salt and 25g butter to already mashed room temperature Amadumbies - mix well to incorporate

2) Add flour lightly, using your fingertips, so to not over-incorporate. Then knead this dough, just to bring it together, on a lightly floured surface

3) Roll out to a 1cm thickness and use a cutter to cut out desired shapes and sizes

4) Heat a non-stick pan; add spray n cook and 5ml butter and oil amount

5) Reduce the heat and give colour to both sides of the blini, place onto paper towel and then onto a tray into the oven at 180˚C for 10-15 minutes

6) Serve or later heat in the oven with a blob of butter on top

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Jackie Cameron
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