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Mille Feuille Recipe

Mille Feuille Photo : J ackie Cameron

Mille Feuille
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Mille Feuille Recipe

Pamper your mother with a memorable meal using methods which will  transport her on a journey of creativity. After all, all she ever does  is spoil you. Create this gastronomic experience in your home.

Mille Feuille,  when translated means “a thousand leaves”, is a classical dessert  consisting of thin layers of puff pastry separated with layers of  custard or Chantilly cream (flavoured cream with vanilla extract and  castor sugar) and fresh fruit and/or berries. With the variety of fruit  available this is the ideal dessert to round off a delectable lunch.

Yields : 4

Ingredients :

1 roll Puff Pastry

1 Egg

Icing Sugar

Greaseproof Paper

740 g Rice

500 ml Long life Cream

120 g Caster Sugar

10 ml Vanilla Essence

125 g Raspberry

200 g Gooseberry

250 g Strawberry

Method :

1) Unroll puff pastry onto a surface that has sieved icing sugar on. Neaten up the sides of the pastry and cut in half. Evenly score the pastry. Whisk the whole egg and lightly brush over the pastry. Place greaseproof paper at the base, of the oven-baking tin, and then put the puff and top with another layer of greaseproof paper. Lastly put the rice on top of this. (This is to ensure even cooking and rising). Place into the fridge for 30 minutes. Set oven temperature - 200ͦC

2) Whisk cream until firm and add sugar and vanilla. Wash berries and cut the strawberries in quarters and gooseberries in half and set aside.

3) Remove the pastry from the fridge and put straight into the oven. Cook for about 20 minutes and then turn over and cook for another 15 minutes or so. The pastry must be crispy and cooked through completely

4) Remove from the oven and cut, with a sharp knife, each piece of puff into six pieces so ending in having 12 pieces. Three per plate. Sprinkle with icing sugar and allow cooling on a wrack

5) On service place one piece of puff on the plate; top with flavoured whipped cream and fresh berries; then do the same for the next layer; finish with the puff pastry layer and an icing sugar sprinkle. Garnish and serve.

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