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Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers Recipe

Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers Recipe

Men are tricky to buy gifts for - especially fathers. They seem to have  everything they need and what they don’t have is completely out of reach  of my pocket. I’m reminded that a well-fed man is a happy man and I  organise a selection of tasty treats that will illustrate my  appreciation of all he’s done for me.

And if it’s a braai your father is wanting, no matter the weather, then  add Thai marinated chicken skewers to your menu. Skewers are inexpensive  to buy and with a little imagination you can create your own  combinations. A smart way to use left-overs.

Yields : 9

Ingredients :

9 Wooden Skewers

30 g Basil

30 g Coriander

5 ml Cumin

3 Green Chillies

1 small Leek

3 medium Garlic Cloves

1 T finely grated Ginger

1 tin Coconut Milk

Salt and Pepper

520 g or 6 small Chicken Breasts

1 punnet Baby Marrow

Method :

1) Liquidise basil, coriander, cumin, chillies, leeks, garlic and ginger with the coconut milk and season with salt and pepper.

2) Cut chicken breast into small bite size pieces

3) Place chicken breast pieces into liquidised mixture (chef’s note: this same quantity of marinate can be used for 1 kg or so of chicken) and marinate for a few hours

4) Soak Skewers in water until use

5) Cut baby marrow into pieces

6) Take pieces of chicken out of marinade

7) Place a piece of baby marrow at the base of the skewer. Top with three pieces of chicken, then a baby marrow and then three more chicken pieces and finish with a piece of baby marrow

8) Place on braai and cook until done. Alternatively, heat a pan and pan sear in a little butter. Finish off the cooking in a hot oven (180ͦC) for about 15 minutes turning over after half time. Serve with lemon wedges

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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