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Duck a l’Orange Recipe

Duck a l'Orange Photo : Jackie Cameron

Duck a l'Orange
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Duck a l’Orange

A great starting point is 'duck al 'orange' (roast duck with orange sauce). Memories of cooking this when I was training at Christina Martin's School of Food and Wine, spring to mind. It has since become one of my all-time favourites; a true classical expression of gourmet French cuisine. I appreciate the citrus flavours that offset the richness of the flesh.

Yields: 2-4 portions


1 whole duck (2.6kg)

3 large Oranges

15 g or 6 small Garlic cloves

3 fresh Bay leaves

Maldon Salt

Mierpoix Vegetables

1 or 200g chopped Onions

3 or 160 g chopped Carrots

65g chopped Celery

1 or 125 g chopped Leeks


1) Prepare the duck by removing the “pope’s nose” and any excess duck fat.   Lightly score the breast fat and jab the rest of the duck with your knife point (to release fat while cooking.)  Squeeze a nice amount of orange juice over the duck.  Sprinkle with a healthy amount of Maldon salt.  Full the cavity with oranges which have been cut in half.  Place wherever possible the garlic and bay leaves, try getting under the skin

2) Place the mierpoix vegetables on the base of the oven pan.  Top with the whole prepared duck.  Cover with foil

3) Into the oven for one hour at 180°C, remove the tin foil and roast for 30 minutes at 260°C

4) Remove from the oven and allow resting for a few minutes and then serve

Duck Pate


15 ml Salted Butter

25 ml Sunflower Oil

1 or 180 g sliced Onions

125g chopped Bacon

10 g chopped Garlic

15ml Rosemary

1 large Duck liver

150 g Shredded cooked Duck

¼ cup or 62.5ml Sherry

½ cup or 125 ml Cream

Salt and Pepper


40 g Melted Butter


1) Heat a pan, add butter and sunflower oil

2) Sauté onions until translucent, add bacon, garlic and rosemary

3) Add duck livers and sear.  Finish with shredded duck, flambé with sherry and add cream

4) Top with extra melted butter and place into the fridge

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