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Duck Breast Recipe

Duck Breast Photo : Jackie Cameron

Duck Breast
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Duck Breast

Duck breasts, can be pan seared and cooked in a very hot oven. With all poultry I suggest you place a little water at the base of the pan to maintain as much moisture as possible. This means a combination of poaching and roasting. Internationally, duck breasts are served rare but I find our South African ducks a bit 'chewy', so I tend to serve this dish medium-rare to medium, depending on the quality of the duck.


Duck Breasts

Duck Fat

Maldon Salt


1) Clean the duck breast, allowing a few mm of extra fat around the breast. If you cut the duck fat too close to the breast meat when you sear the breast it will curl up. Remove any thick sinew from the base of the breast and score the fat with a sharp knife forming a crisscross pattern

2) Heat a pan; add a small amount of duck fat. Place duck breast skin side down into the pan. The longer this step the better the more fat will be extracted from the duck fat. As the breast sears so the pan will full with duck fat, keep on removing this to ensure they are searing rather than frying. Continue searing until the fat is crispy. Then turn the breasts over for a few seconds

3) Place onto a tray with water underneath and a sprinkle of Maldon salt on top

4) Into a hot oven, 260°C, for a few minutes-anything from 5-10 minutes until desired doneness. Remove from the oven, cover with tinfoil and allow resting for a few minutes. Slice and serve

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