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Roasted Nectarines, Cinnamon-Crème Fraiche, Honey, Pine Nuts and “Lindt” Mint Chocolate

Roasted Nectarines Photo : Jackie Cameron

Roasted Nectarines
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Roasted Nectarines, Cinnamon-Crème Fraiche,  Honey, Pine Nuts and “Lindt” Mint Chocolate

It is summer fruits that make me wish we had only one season! Dessert  therefore is made up of roasted nectarines served with cinnamon-crème  fraiche, honey, pine nuts and “Lindt”  mint chocolate. The difference in textures, temperature and flavours  makes this mouth watering and memorable.

Yields : 4

Ingredients :

4 Nectarines

15 ml Brown Sugar

10 ml Honey

5 ml Cinnamon Powder

1 Vanilla pod or Vanilla Extract or Essence for flavour

20 g Butter

2 large Mint Sprigs

Crème fraiche :

5 ml Cinnamon Powder

30 ml Honey or to taste

125 ml Crème Fraiche

Honey for drizzling

20 ml Pine Nuts or flaked Almonds

100 g “Lindt” Excellence – Mint Intense Dark Chocolate


1) De-pip nectarines and place onto an oven tray. Top nectarines with the brown sugar, honey, cinnamon powder, vanilla, butter and fresh mint. Set aside until later oven roasting

2) Mix the Crème Fraiche ingredients together and place into the fridge

3) On service roast nectarine until soft ( for about 5 minutes with the tin foil on; 10 minutes with tin foil off at 250ͦC)

4) Top with a tablespoon of cinnamon-crème fraiche and garnish with honey, pine nuts and chocolate pieces

5) Serve with a dessert fork and spoon together with a knife for the nectarine skin

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jackie cameron

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
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