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Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

Chicken Liver Pate Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chicken Liver Pate
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Chicken Liver Pate

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Chicken-liver pate or parfait is ridiculously over served but still I enjoy smearing a thick layer onto crispy, homemade, white bread. Add your personal touch by preparing it with love and the finest ingredients.

Yields : 500ml

Ingredients :

45gr Salted Butter

75gr White Onions

140gr Back Bacon

2sprigs Fresh Rosemary

500gr Chicken Livers

45ml Old Brown Sherry

70ml Cream

Method :

1) Heat a heavy based pot. Add butter and onions - sauté until well caramelised. Add bacon and continue cooking, finish with rosemary and livers

2) Give the livers a few minutes to slightly start the outer cooking process

3) Finish with sherry and cream. Bring to the boil; be very careful to not overcook the livers. Season well, liquidise and strain

4) Top with a thin layer of butter if desired

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