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Mince Meat Bobotie Recipe

Bobotie Recipe Photo :  Jackie Cameron

Bobotie Recipe
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Mince Meat Bobotie

The South African food and wine events tested our skills to the limit because produce, equipment and kitchen space were extremely limited. It's amazing what a chef can pull out of the hat when needs be. Our traditional samp and beans, pap 'n vleis, Bobotie and Durban bunny chow featured on the menu we had created. They went down well, and we were proudly South African.

Ingredients :

5 ml salted Butter

5 ml Sunflower Oil

2 medium onions, chopped

15 ml Durban Masala

5 ml Turmeric Powder

1 kg Topside Beef Mince

30 ml White Wine Vinegar

15 ml White Sugar

Salt and Black Pepper

1 slice Bread, soaked in 80 ml Full Cream Milk

75g seedless Raisins

45 ml Fruit Chutney

1 lemon, rind

160 ml plain Yoghurt

2 whole Eggs

Bay Leaves

Method :

1) Heat a pan and add butter and oil. Add onions and sauté until well cooked

2) Add the spices and allow cooking

3) Then add the mince and start the cooking process. While this mixture is cooking, add the vinegar and sugar amount. Season well

4) Squeeze any extra liquid out of the bread and reserve the liquid for later. Add this bread to the mince. Finish off with the raisins, chutney and lemon rind

5) Check the seasoning and push this semi-cooked mince mixture into a tin. Place this into the oven, 180˚C, for 20-30 minutes or until cooked

6) While cooking whisk the yoghurt and egg mixture together... if any milk is left over add to the above. Once cooked, place a layer of this on top of the mince mixture and garnish with bay leaves. Return to the oven until the egg custard is set about 15 minutes.

7) Serve with Apricot Blatjang or chutney and yellow rice

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