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Pea Risotto Recipe

Pea Risotto Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pea Risotto
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pea Risotto

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

A risotto must always be straight forward. If enhanced, it loses its Italian roots. Served with a sizeable helping of smoked salmon or piece of fresh Norwegian salmon or line fish brings a summery touch to a hearty dish.

Yields : 4 portions

Ingredients :

Extras :

220g abouts Salmon Rosette (on average 55gr per person)

Pea shoots or any herb garnish

Olive Oil, drizzle

Black Pepper

Vegetable Stock :

2 (300gr) Onions, peeled, cut in ¼

3 (12gr) Garlic Cloves

2 (367gr) Carrots, peeled, cut roughly

2 (92gr) Leeks cut into chunks

¼ (160gr) Celery, cut into chunks

2 Bay Leaves

1sprig Fresh Thyme

10 Whole Black Peppercorns

2L Water

Method :

1) Bring to the boil, turn down and allow simmering for 20minutes

2) Strain and discard solids, place the liquid back into the pot on the heat

Pea Puree :

250gr Frozen Peas

Method :

1) Blanch the peas in boiling water, until just soft

2) Strain, blend, add 62.5ml water and blend very well. Strain through a sieve again and set aside

Risotto :

35gr salted Butter

30ml sunflower Oil

160gr Onion, chopped

2 (8gr) Garlic, crushed

160gr Risotto Rice

250ml White Wine

Vegetable Stock

Pea Puree

Method :

1) Before you start making the risotto make sure vegetable stock is on the heat

2) In a heavy based pot place the butter and oil amount

3) When melted and slightly browned, add the onions and garlic. Cook until translucent in colour

4) Add the risotto; make sure all the granules are covered with a layer of oil

5) Add the white wine, stirring all the time till the liquid is reduced

6) Add the vegetable stock small ladle by ladle at a time, stirring continuously, till risotto is cooked. Lovely and creamy with a slight bite to it-al-dente.

7) Finish with pea puree, season very well and serve with extras

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie Cameron
Hartford House, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
+27 33 263 2713

Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon with Potato Salad Recipe

Salmon Potato Salad Photo : Jackie Cameron

Salmon Potato Salad
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Pan seared Norwegian Salmon with Rich Man's Potato Salad, Fresh Green Beans, Lemon Wedge and Beurre Blanc

Fresh fish is always a winner so pan-seared Norwegian Salmon with a Rich Man's Potato Salad, fresh green beans and a lemon wedge is a good choice. A classic beurre blanc sauce rounds off this main dish and allows the fishy flavours to come through.

Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon

Yields : Five portions

Ingredients :

5 x 130g Norwegian Salmon

50g Salted Butter

Olive Oil

Method :

1) Heat a non-stick pan, add a knob of butter and once the butter is brown in colour and releasing a nutty aroma, add a splash of Olive Oil. (The olive oil prevents the butter from burning)

2) Place the salmon presentation side down first in the hot pan. Allow a beautiful golden colour to develop on the fish.  (Sear 1 or 2 fillets at a time so to ensure you do not overload your pan as this would result in poaching rather than searing.) Kiss, as we say, (just to seal rather than cooking) the other sides of the salmon with the hot pan.

3) Remove from the hot pan and place onto a tray for later cooking

4) On serving place the fish into a very hot oven, 220-240˚C, for 5-10 minutes until the fish is JUST cooked.  You can test this by placing your finger onto the fish, applying slight pressure in the direction of the flakes; if there is flake separation it is ready. Remember that the heat of the fish will continue cooking so be careful not to overcook as the flesh is so delicate.

Lemon Wedges (remember to remove all pips)

Rich Man's Potato Salad

Yields : Enough for 4-5

Ingredients :

4 medium potatoes, boiled, cut into cubes

50g Chives, snipped (with scissors)

Olive Oil to drizzle

80-100g Smoked Salmon Ribbons

3 t Salmon Caviar, optional

4 pickled Quail Eggs, quartered (or 2 hard-boiled eggs)

3 t Capers

Fennel to garnish

Salt and Pepper

Method :

1) Mix up potatoes, chives and olive oil. Season with salt, pepper and set aside for flavour development

2) On serving garnish chive-potatoes with smoked salmon ribbons, caviar, quail eggs, capers, fennel and lemon wedges. Serve with a grind of black pepper

Fresh Green Beans

Yields: 4-5 portions

Ingredients :

1 pkt, 700g, Fresh Green Beans, top and tail the beans

100g Salted Butter

Method :

1) Get a large pot of water on the heat and allow boiling

2) Place beans, in batches, into the boiling water. Add just enough beans so water does not stop boiling. You want this to be a quick process. When the beans are al dente, "to the tooth", tender but crisp remove from the boiling water. Place into an iced bath, allow instant cooling and halt cooking

3) Place beans into a pan with butter and oven roast until hot for serving

Classical Beurre Blanc

Yields : 4-5 portions

250ml good quality White Wine

180g Salted Butter, cut into cubes. Keep chilled within the fridge

15ml Cream

Salt and Black Pepper

Method :

1) Reduce the white wine by half. (so to about ½ cup)

2) Whisk the butter into the white wine one block at a time off the heat. If you find the butter is not melting or taking a long time to melt place you saucepan back onto the heat. Do not allow boiling as the sauce will split. Keep whisking and adding butter off and on the heat until all is incorporated

3) Add the cream amount on service, whisk, season and serve

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

jackie cameron

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef
Hartford House
+27 33 263 2713

Norwegian Salmon cured in “Kikkoman” Soya Sauce Recipe

Norwegian Salmon Photo: Jackie Cameron

Norwegian Salmon
Photo: Jackie Cameron

Thinly sliced Norwegian Salmon cured in “Kikkoman” Soya Sauce with Capers, Fennel, Red Onion, croutons and homemade mayonnaise Recipe

I always “shotgun” the cleaning, deboning and portioning of fresh Norwegian salmon because there are always a few slivers that go begging. Nothing is more tantalising than this salmon drizzled with Kikkoman soya sauce. The combination will be remembered for its freshness and sheer simplicity. For the ideal light lunch I suggest preparing a few slices of fresh salmon, or any fresh fish of your choice, cured with soya sauce. Serve this with red onions, freshly-picked fennel, croutons and homemade mayonnaise. This satisfies the appetite leaving you feeling fulfilled not gorged.

Yields :  2

Ingredients :


6 Egg Yolks

15 ml Dijon Mustard

1-2 cloves of Garlic – finely chopped

15 ml warm Water

250 ml Olive Oil

250 ml Sunflower Oil

15 ml Lemon Juice

15 ml warm Water


200 g Fresh Salmon

4 T Kikkoman Soya Sauce

10 Capers

2 Red Onion slices cut into Rings

10 Cherry tomatoes-in half

Fennel Sprigs

Croutons (Chef’s note: small pieces of rebaked, cubed bread that is seasoned.  Adding texture and flavour to a dish.)

Lemon Wedge on the side

Method :


1) Whisk the egg yolks, mustard, garlic and water (the first amount) very well until thick and creamy in colour 

2) Add both of the oils, to form a permanent emulsion, very slowly.  (Chef’s note:  This will prevent the Mayonnaise from splitting and will result in a thick consistency.  A perfect situation is when a spoon can stand up right in the Mayonnaise when finished.  A lot of whisking!)

3) Finish with lemon juice and warm water and set aside.


4) Portion the fish into two pieces of 100g or so.  (Portion sizes that would be sufficient for you)

5) Slice the fish as thinly as possible and place onto a chilled plate.  Top this with the “Kikkoman” soya sauce (chef’s note: you have too use “Kikkoman” as it makes all the difference) and set aside for a few minutes

6) Get all the other ingredients ready.  Treat this above ingredient list as a guideline

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

jackie cameron

Jackie Cameron 
Head Chef 
Hartford House
+27 33 263 2713