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Beef-and-Corn Pie Recipe

Beef and Corn Pie Photo  : Jackie Cameron

Beef and Corn Pie
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Beef-and-Corn Pie Recipe

Men are tricky to buy gifts for - especially fathers. They seem to have  everything they need and what they don’t have is completely out of reach  of my pocket. I’m reminded that a well-fed man is a happy man and I  organise a selection of tasty treats that will illustrate my  appreciation of all he’s done for me.

As the mornings get colder  and the days shorter so hearty winter recipes come out. Your dad  deserves a warm beef-and-corn pie with caramelised onions sitting on  wilted, green vegetables. This is a combination of slightly  sweet-and-savoury flavours with a crispy puff pastry topping. Tastes we  all enjoy.

Yields : 4

Ingredients :

15 ml Butter

1 medium Onion

1 Corn on the cob - remove kernels

15 ml Cumin

30 g Broccoli

15 ml Butter

2 sprigs Rosemary

450 g Beef Fillet – cut into bite sizes

2 T Flour

2 T Butter

250 ml Cream

5 ml Tomato Paste

Salt and Pepper

1 Egg

Method :

1) Heat a large pan. Add butter and when melted sauté onions until golden and add corn kernels, cumin and broccoli and sauté lightly. Remove from pan and set aside for later use.

2) Add the next amount of butter and rosemary and get the same pan very hot. Pan sear the beef fillet pieces in batches, a few at a time, as to not over load the pan. This should only take a few seconds if you have a hot pan. You want them to sear and not to poach. Remove from pan and set aside for later use

3) Make Beurre Manie (chef’s note: equal quantity of butter and flour mixed together by hand to thicken soups, sauces and stews). Mix together the flour and butter and set aside

4) Heat the same pan and add the cream and tomato paste and allow the cream mixture to come to the boil. Add half of the Beurre Manie and allow simmering for a minute. (Chef’s note: this will appear to be very thick but on later cooking it will thin down)

5) Finish by mixing all the ingredients together in the same pan and adding the rest of the Beurre Manie. Allow to cook for a minute while stirring continuously

6) Season with salt and pepper

7) Place mixture into four tea cups; three quarters of the way up. Top with a round of puff pastry and glaze with egg wash

8) Oven bake at 160ͦC for 20 minutes or until cooked

Please post your comments and any food-related questions below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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