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Rice Krispies and Date Bars Recipe

Rice Krispies and Date Bars  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Rice Krispies and Date Bars
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Justin Bonello reminds me about rice krispies-bars. His version sounds more  like a rice krispies brittle. My straightforward, rice  krispies-and-date bar, recipe results in a crispy texture meeting the  sweetness of dates.  Another variation is mixing rice krispies with  melted marshmallows. Scrumptiously sweet!

Rice Krispies

Yields : 12 large Bars (20cm x 25cm)

Ingredients :

150 g Margarine

250 g Dates

250 g White Sugar

2 t Vanilla Essence

125 g Rice Krispies


Salted Butter

Desiccated Coconut

Method :

1) Butter a dish and lightly sprinkle this with coconut. Set aside

2) Melt the margarine, dates and sugar together until all the sugar crystals are dissolved

3) Add the vanilla essence and rice krispies

4) Place this into the prepared dish, press the mixture down with damp fingers, to prevent sticking and lightly sprinkle more coconut on the top

5) Cool overnight in the refrigerator or until firm

6) Cut into desired sizes and serve

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